INSPIRED BY: Raffaella Carrà
“I was so free. Even the ‘head shots’ were the sign of freedom from lacquer, from superstructures, from rigidity. I was like that, without constraints”.

Multifaceted, not at all conventional, a true style icon. Raffaella Carrà has written indelible pages in the history of Italian television, crossing national boundaries to the sound of “Tuca Tuca”, “Rumore” and “Fiesta”.
Showgirl, singer, dancer, actress, hostess and author of television programs, the National Raffa, with her great sense of freedom and resourcefulness, has launched new fashions that have made entire generations dream: the legendary blond bob, the audacious “Tuca” Tuca” and the scandalous uncovered navel shown on TV in “Canzonissima” of 1970 against any kind of censorship.

A modern, sporty but classy spirit that inspired the “Raffaella” model: a leather driver glove with an authentic rock soul. A mischievous elegance, a courage hidden behind new looks worn with lightness and irony.

Raffaella, the originality. Raffaella, the uniqueness.


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